Towards 100% RES rural communities

Call for Proposals
Intelligent Energy Europe 2011

Lead Partner

Legambiente (IT), Klimabündnis Österreich (AT), Community Energy Scotland (UK), APERe (BL), DeENet (DE), Energiaklub (HU), Rurener (FR), Klimabündnis (DE), Solagro (FR), Slovenski E-Forum (SI).

“100% RES communities” cover their energy demand entirely with renewable energies, are based onvery high levels of energy efficiency and include the territorial renewable potentials comprehensively.The ambition of this model is to turn a global constraint into a powerful lever of local development, job creation and reversing of population decline.
This project builds on the successful implementation of European Rurener network. The most advanced rural towns and territories will commit towards being “100% RES”. Rural towns will signthe Rurener charter to formalise their commitment and towns will get engaged together with aterritorial coordinator in the Covenant of Mayors.
Then, the project aims at implementing new SEAPs in countries with learning communities andevaluating already implemented SEAPs in countries with experienced communities, and sharingexperiences between experienced and learning communities through European exchanges. Eventually, guidelines for a successful SEAP implementation will be prepared for mass dissemination. Capacity buidlings activities and the design of bankable projects will frame together local authoritieswith local key players, end-users and producers, therefore participating in developing a localmomentum towards “100% RES” objectives and overcoming the potential opposition againstsustainable energy projects and measures thanks to concerted approach, appropriate awareness raisingand benefit sharing mechanisms with the community.
Finally, this project aims at setting a “100% RES communities” campaign based on existing European (RES Champions League) and national (Italy, Germany) campaigns for the wide dissemination of results and best practices of experienced rural communities. Through the European RES Champions League adapted database, towns and territories will also evaluate continuously theirown internal progress and relative progress compared to European peers.

Start: 18 April 2012 – End: 17 April 2015